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Q.       Do Medicare Supplement plans have prescription drug coverage?

A.       No.

Q.       Who are the best people to obtain medical advice from?

 A.       Experienced and independent Medicare brokers.

Q.        What are two types of individual Medicare plans called?

A.        Medicare advantage plans sometimes called plan C or all in one plans or Medicare supplement plans sometimes called Medicap plans.

Q.        What is a Medicare supplement insurance?

A.        Medicare supplements fills in the gaps Medicare A and B. It helps with copayments, deductibles and coinsurance.

Q.       What is Medicare advantage plan?

A.       Sometime called part C or all in one plan is an alternative to original Medicare sold by private insurance companies. They include part A and B and usually Medicare part D drug coverage They sometimes include extra benefits like gym memberships, vision, dental and over the counter drug items. In many areas they have very low or no premium plans.

Q.        What is the right plan for me?

 A.       An experienced broker will use a consultative approach to determine what type of plans best fits your needs.

Q.       Does Medicare advantage plans use health questions to determine eligibility for coverage?

A.       No health questions.

Q.        Does Medicare supplement plans use health questions to determine eligibility for coverage?

A.        In your open enrollment period guaranteed issue to coverage. In future years there are many health questions to determine eligibility for coverage.